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We do whatever it takes to get you hearing your best. We offer thorough hearing tests to determine what type of hearing loss you may have, put in extra time to properly program your hearing aids, perform regular cleanings and maintenance, and make custom-fit ear protection to keep you hearing your best. If you need any help with your hearing health, we’re here for you.

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"David Epstein examined my broken hearing aid carefully and recommended the following: have the chipped piece replaced in its original location, bonded, burnished and repair internal wiring as needed! My first reaction to this suggestion was what is this going to cost...! Mr. Epstein calmed my fears by making phone calls to his contacts on my behalf, confirming costs and warranties. I found David Epstein to be up front, knowledgeable, and experienced."

- Raymond D.

Our Hearing Services

Woman getting fitted with hearing aids
  • Hearing testing: The first step in determining if hearing aids are right for you is our thorough hearing test. This allows us to get a clear picture of your hearing loss and speech comprehension.
  • Hearing aid sales: Hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we carry a wide range of hearing aids from different manufacturers to find the right device for you.
  • Hearing aid fitting and programming: Hearing aids need to be personalized to address your individual hearing loss. We'll use the result of your hearing test and program your hearing aids while you wait.
  • Hearing aid cleaning and maintenance: We want to help you maximize the life of your hearing aids by performing regular cleanings and replacing the wax filters and batteries.
  • Custom hearing protection: It's important to preserve your hearing to avoid hearing loss in the future. We take molds of your ears to create custom hearing protection, such as earplugs.
  • Same-day service: We respond to requests for help as quickly as possible so you're not stuck with hearing aids that aren't working for you.

Risk-Free Hearing Aids

You don’t have to worry about anything except making sure you wear your hearing aids! We do everything we can to make getting hearing aids stress-free, so you can have peace of mind.

  • 30- to 45-day trial period: You will always have the chance to get used to new hearing aids so you can make sure they're right for you. We will make whatever adjustments you need to help you hear better and be more comfortable. However, if they still don't work for you, we'll take them back and see what other hearing aids might give you a better experience.
  • 3- to 4-year warranty: We stand behind the hearing aids we sell, and so do the manufacturers we work with.

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