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Hearing aid dispenser David Epstein comes from a long line of doctors and medical professionals, and working in audiology is how he carries on his family's tradition of serving others. He always upholds the highest standards of patient care with a smile.

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"I have known them for many years now. My first visit to see David Epstein was in December 1987. David has been there for me whenever I need his service. He is a man of integrity. He is someone you can trust with hearing aid needs. I would recommend David’s services to anyone with hearing problems."

- David G.

David Epstein, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

When people meet our licensed hearing aid dispenser David Epstein, they immediately notice his calm, positive attitude. It's just part of who he is, and he brings that energy to Drexel Hill Hearing Aid Center.

For most of his life, David has cared for other people. He spent 30 years working with the senior communities at the Philadelphia Geriatric Center and the Abramson Center for Jewish Life, making a difference for the residents there. He encountered many people, learning how to work with a wide range of individuals. Over the years, he's heard countless stories, and he's still excited to meet new people every day.

David is committed to his professional development by keeping up with the latest advances in hearing aid technology. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Pennsylvania Hearing Healthcare Association.

Personalized Hearing Care Since 1985

Finding a hearing aid dispenser who cares can sometimes be difficult, like finding a trustworthy mechanic. But we're in this field because we genuinely want to help people. That's why patients have trusted us with their hearing for decades. We are open and honest in everything we do, and our number-one priority is your hearing. We'll never pressure you into buying something you don't need.

If you've had bad experiences elsewhere, don't give up on hearing better. Let us show you how much hearing aids can change your life - and how compassionate hearing healthcare can be.

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